First Post (Woo-Hoo!!!)

So this is the first post in our blog, Stuffed Crush.  We created this blog after I made an off-the-cuff remark that maybe we should start a pizza blog, and so we decided to do so.  For the blog I will mostly be responsible for writing the posts each week, while Annette will handle the pictures and making the blog look visually appealing.

I was inspired to create this blog after I realized that Annette and I had visited quite a few Madison pizzerias during our few months dating and that we had many other types of restaurants on our plan-to-eat-at list as well.  We had this extensive list as we are both people who enjoy eating good food and then talking about it, but now we will be taking our discussions public.  While the primary purpose of the blog will be to eat at different Madison pizzerias, there is the likelihood that we will rate other types of restaurants at some point as well.

Now on to the fun stuff – for rating pizzas we will be awarding between 1-5 pizza slices, with 5 indicating really good pizza and 1 being pizza to avoid at all costs.  To keep everything simple we will be rating pizzas in 5 different categories; presentation, sauce, crust, cheese, and overall enjoyment.  I will also describe the general atmosphere of the restaurant,  but will not be offering a grade.  There are some pizzerias in Madison that we have already visited, as we make our way back to them we will get different kinds of pizza to remove any bias we might have.

Our first pizza rating will be of our trip to Glass Nickel Pizza on Saturday, April 30.  The hope is that the posts about our pizza reviews will be up sometime between 1-3 days after visiting a restaurant.

We hope you enjoy our blog about eating pizza in Madison,

Annette and Craig


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