The Professional at Roman Candle


Hi everyone, we are glad to be back with another pizza review, this time from another one of Madison’s finest; Roman Candle Pizza.  If you have been a frequent reader of the blog so far, thanks for returning.  If you’re new this whole thing then welcome, we are glad you found the blog and hope you enjoy our thoughts.

Jumping right in, just like Grampa’s Pizzeria, the Roman Candle we ate at was a classic Willy St location, meaning a quaint little restaurant with tons of charm.  Now normally Annette and I never pass up a chance to eat outside, but on the day of our review it was WAAAAAAAAY to hot (like over 90 degrees and humid man) to consider that ,so we enjoyed our pizza inside the establishment.

As has become custom for us with these reviews, we had looked over the menu and decided on our pizza of choice before we got to the restaurant.  For our excursion to Roman Candle we decided on an appetizer of Garlic Bread w/cheese and spinach and for our pizza, the Professional; professional sauce topped with house blend cheese, bacon, oven-roasted chicken breast, broccoli, green pepper, jalapeño, & Wisconsin feta.  To wash this bad boy down Annette and I both went with someone light and fruity, in her case a Cherry Ale and in my case, a Melon ale.  Now I know you are probably thinking, “a melon ale Craig?  C’mon man have a real beer.”  Well according to the waitress, the beer had an ABV of nearly 10% and for a beer with that high of an ABV, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice crisp taste that it had and I found that I enjoyed it more than I do my usual summertime favorite, Leinenkugals summer shandy (or any of them really, I’m not particular).

I was very excited about our beers!  Melon Ale on the right, Cherry on the left.

Our appetizer was 4 slices of garlic bread with cheese and spinach. What we loved most about this was that it was clearly done on fresh French bread and made with a nice garlic spread.  They weren’t overly cheesy and the spinach was nicely charred from having gone into the oven.  The bread was served with a small ramekin of marinara sauce.  The whole thing was a delightful way to warm up our taste buds (and our stomachs) before enjoying some delicious pizza.


Annette really couldn’t wait to dig into the Garlic Bread

Alright, Alright, Alright, already.  I’ll start talking about the pizza, afterall that’s why you’re here.



This was the first time that Annette and I had very different views about the presentation of the pizza.  Annette thought there was alot going on, whereas I thought the pizza looked quite tempting and the colors really made me anxious for the pizza. To be clear, it’s not that Annette didn’t think the pizza looked good, it’s just that there were so many ingredients and they were all presented that it made the pizza appear intimidating (in a good way of course, we were both very excited for this pizza).  Personally, I thought that seeing all the ingredients made me even more excited because I could start fantasizing about each bite before I even began to eat.

🍕🍕🍕🍕 .5/5 (4.5/5 on Presentation)*

*I thought this pizza deserved five slices, but since Annette didn’t share that opinion, I am sadly unable to give five slices for presentation.


O boy, the sauce.  Making a bold statement here, but this might have been my favorite pizza sauce I’ve ever eaten.  The professional sauce on the pizza was a combination alfredo sauce and pesto.  Now my mom will probably find it extremely ironic that I hold this sauce in such high regard, because in my younger years she had tried cooking with pesto and I did not like it one bit.gty_toddler_tantrum_jef_141203_16x9_992

Okay, so my experience with pesto wasn’t quite that bad (I was a young teenager when my mom first made it) my opposition to pesto lasted for quite a few years.  Only recently as I have became more interested in cooking and the culinary arts have I given pesto another go and I know enjoy this delicious little sauce.

What was really nice though about this sauce is that while most of the time alfredo sauce (even while mixed) is really thick and heavy, this sauce was not.  It was delightfully creamy, cheesy, and flavorful.  Definitely our favorite sauce and the only kind of sauce that would have gone well with the ingredients on this pizza.

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕/5 (5/5 on sauce)


Both Annette and I agreed we really enjoyed this crust.  While it was a hand-tossed crust it wasn’t as thick as a typical hand-tossed crust but wasn’t as crispy as thin crust usually gets (which is our major problem with most thin crust pizzas).  In addition the the nice hybridization of thin/hand-tossed crust, it had a nice buttery finish and was very tasty when eaten plain.  This was hands-down, our favorite crust of any of the pizzas thus far.

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕/5 on Crust (5/5 on Crust)


The cheese on this pizza was a nice mozzarella/feta cheese blend.  The mozzarella was the dominant cheese on the pizza and boy-oh-boy, it delivered big time.  The pizza itself was loaded with lots of flavors and with mozzarella natural lightness and airiness it was really the perfect cheese for this pizza because it helped enhance the other toppings.  As far as the feta cheese, it came from Wisconsin… so you FETA believe it was good.  Where the feta was placed on the pizza it was always in areas where it served to enhance the surrounding toppings, so with this pizza that meant the feta was always in a bite with chicken or broccoli.  Just like with the crust and the sauce, this cheese combination was our favorite thus far.

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕/5 (5/5 on Cheese)


With all the ingredients, this pizza sure had alot going on, both in terms of texture and flavor.  So let’s dive in.


As far as flavor, this pizza was both creamy, cheesy, and the requesite bit of spicy.  The chicken, and green pepper provided nice neutral flavors, the charred broccoli provided a nice earthy base and really helped balance out the heat from the jalapeño.  One thing that Annette didn’t like was that the jalapeño came in sliced up circular form, while she would have preferred that they were chopped up and spread more evenly around the pizza.  Last but certainly not least, the BACON!

Every bite of pizza that had bacon was by far the best, the bacon had a really nice creamy/salty vibe thing going with the sauce.  Our greatest sorrow over this pizza is that there wasn’t more bacon.

As far as the texture of the pizza, the chicken was nice and moist and tender, while the veggies provided a good crunch.  No two bites of this pizza were alike, either in texture or taste and that’s what made this pizza so fun, we never knew what the next bite was going to be like.

🍕🍕🍕🍕.5/5 (4.5/5 on Taste)**

**I would give this pizza 5 slices, but Annette’s feelings over the jalapeño’s sadly bring this pizza down to just 4.5


All in all, this pizza was the favorite of all the ones we have reviewed.  The flavors were great, the beers were great, the atmosphere was great.  Everything about our experience with Roman Candle was topnotch!  We can’t wait to go back and try something else.  Our next review will be of Salvatore’s Tomato Pies on E Johnson St.  We have heard so many good things about Sal’s, we can’t wait to try it.

Thanks for reading,

Annette and Craig



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