Sal’s Tomato Pie’s (AGAIN)

Hi everybody, we are back!



Work, and just life in general kept Annette and I plenty busy since our last post but we are excited to once again be out and reviewing the delicious pizza in Madison for your (but mostly our) pleasure.

This is a speical review, as it is the first time we are reviewing an establishment twice.  Now, I know what you’re all out there thinking… “Why did these two go back to Sal’s, there are so many great pizza places in Madison???”  The answer is simple, we wanted to share the wonder and deliciousness that is Sal’s with my mom and dad.

Mom & Dad aka Beth and Don

Before I get into talking about our latest experience at Sal’s, I want to share the link to our previous review of Sal’s.  We are  making a slight change with this review, in that we won’t be rating the pizza crust, since that is the one thing that didn’t change between our last visit and this visit.

Finally, onto the food.

Replicating our previous meal at Sal’s, we started off with the Garlic Bread appetizer, and boy, was it appetizing!  A lightly toasted Staltzy’s baguette with sweet cream butter and served with a delicious Garlic Confit was the perfect way to get our mouth’s watering for the rest of our food.

You know you want some!

We ordered two pizzas, originally with the intent to pull off a double review (just like our last trip to Sal’s).  We ordered one pizza half El Mapache Loco (which we reviewed before) and half Jalapeno Assesino.  The other pizza was half Forza (previous review) and half Forestiere.

My intent was that Annette and I would each have a slice of the new pizzas and offer hot takes on both of them, just like we did last time.  In reality, that was not to be… here is the ingredients on the Jalapeno Assesino pizza; Jalapeno pesto, carnitas, Farmer John’s Colby Caliente, chorizo, sliced jalapeno, red onion.  I see those toppings and think “YUMMY”, Annette see’s those same toppings and thinks “Is Craig trying to kill me?”.  Long story short, the Jalapeno Assesino was too spicy for Annette to eat a full piece (she did manage one bite) so we cannot offer a full review of that pizza.  I will safely say that it was by far the spiciest pizza I’ve ever eaten, but I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way.  The carnitas was phenomenal, so juicy and full of lightly smoky flavor and easily my favorite part of that pizza.  So if you like spicy… try the Jalapeno Assesino.   I should also mention, that we only had 4 pieces of pizza left over at the end of the night, which Annette and I took home for lunch.  We had 2 of the Jalapeno left, so guess who got to eat them both for lunch…

How my mouth felt after eating two slices of that pizza for lunch

Ok, now for the actual review.


Thinly sliced onions, bacon lardons, crème fraiche, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, fresh thyme and local mushrooms

Just like our main man Ron Swanson, once we saw bacon, we knew this pizza would be delicious.

Sorry Ron, no eggs on this pizza, but plenty of Bacon



This pizza was not the most colorful we’ve ever had, but that did not make it less any less satisfying to look at.  With the big hunks of bacon and mushrooms popping out (and in the mushrooms case off) the pizza we could tell we were in for a mouthwatering treat.

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕/5 (5/5 on Presentation)

We were more than excited to dig in 🙂 In case you were wondering, the Forestiere is on the right side of the pizza in front of Annette. And the jalapeno pizza is on the left side in front of Craig.


There were two dominant flavors running through this pizza, the yin and yang of flavor themselves, creamy and salty.  The bacon and onion were a nice salty base and were delightfully mellowed out by the creaminess of the crème fraiche and the cheese.  The thyme provided a small, yet forceful savoriness to the overall taste.

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕/5 (5/5 on Taste)


As best as I can tell, the Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese is supposed to be akin to Gruyere, which is a sweet/creamy and slightly salty cheese.  While the cheese doesn’t necessarily stand out on its own, the flavor profile of the cheese works so well in meshing with the other flavors of the pizza.

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕/5 (5/5 on Cheese)


On this pizza, the crème fraiche is the closest thing we get to a traditional sauce.  Much like the cheese, the crème fraiche provides a nice creamy base that works to enhance the other salty and savory flavors.  For those unfamiliar, (as we were before eating this pizza) crème fraiche is a thicker, fattier, and less sour, version of sour cream.  Very tasty, and a well used base for this pizza.

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕/5 (5/5 on Sauce)


Check out our last blog posting from Sal’s to see our thoughts on the crust.

That’s it!


We are done!

The best thing from our night at Sal’s was that my Mom and Dad loved the pizzas!  This was the second pizza place we have shared with them, the last time we took them Grampa’s Pizza on Willy St.  We capped off our great supper with drinks from our favorite watering hole, Old Sugar Distillery and then Christmas lights, first at the zoo and then the Olin Park lights.  A splendid dinner and a splendid evening.  Based on our reviews, I hope its clear that we highly recommend trying the Forestiere pizza (and if adventurous enough maybe the Jalapeno Assesino???)



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